Ver 0.1.6

New Features

  • Jumpers now have an elemental cycle. They will take on the properties of the ground they land on. They can be either oil, water, or fire, each with slightly different behavior.

  • Praying has been changed slightly. Now when praying the peasant gets both a curse and a blessing. Blessings are new and are discreet buffs that operate independently from other buffs.

  • Beltrame and Griswold have had their portraits added.

  • Relics, blessings, and curses now have mouse-over tooltips in the HUD

  • Some enemies are now labeled as minions. Minions do not count towards kill counts for relics like Mushroom, Intensifier, and Hungry Ghost.

New Items

  • Holy Water - A potion that removes a curse

  • Arachnophobia - A fun spider curse

  • Tenderfoot - A curse that deals damage to you when you jump

  • Other major curses - Many statistical curses

  • Sweaty Palms - A curse that drops a bomb when you take damage

  • Catalyst - A relic that increases the effectiveness of healing

  • Gordon’s Tunic - A relic that grants immunity to the ignite status

  • Prayer of Brute Strength

  • Prayer of Alacrity

  • Prayer of Precision

  • Prayer of Hard Work

  • Prayer of Rigidity

  • A couple of new Goldmine encounters have been added

Balance Changes

  • Frostbite curse has been removed

  • Curse of Darkness has been removed

Bug Fixes

  • Performance changes should improve (lower) CPU usage

  • Glove and bomb upgrades now apply to subsequent runs after being purchased

  • You no longer get your gold back after buying an upgrade and reloading the game

  • Blueprint popup now has a close button

  • The peasant can no longer move along the north wall with a pit directly in front of it

  • Items can no longer be stolen through walls with geckos foot

  • Can no longer teleport through blocks with skip mechanism

  • Mushroom relic tooltip now shows the correct amount of health

  • Fixed a crash returning from secret rooms

Clint Taskerpatch notes, december