Based in:
Vancouver, British Columbia

Founding Date:
April 2015


Press / Business Contact


609 - 522 W 8th Ave  
Vancouver, BC, Canada V5Z0A9

+1 778 668 2693

UnderMine Description

UnderMine is an action-adventure, roguelike with a few RPGish elements tossed in. Delve into the UnderMine as a lowly peasant seeking fortune and freedom. Each journey promises challenge, discovery, riches, and untimely death. That's okay though, because your belongings will be passed on to the next peasant, who will hopefully do a little better. Use the gold you find to upgrade your character, unlock new abilities, and powerful items that unlock access to new parts of the UnderMine. Discover friendly and unfriendly characters, some of whom you can befriend to help you in your journey, and the others... well you will just have to deal with them another way. Finally, test your skills and your strategy as you face enormous bosses who will rock your world, because some of them are literal rocks.


  • Fully procedural dungeons that constantly change

  • Powerful relics that grant special abilities and augment the way you play the game

  • Powerful and challenging boss encounters

  • Emergent environmental effects and items that interact with one another in surprising ways

  • Permanent character upgrades that improve combat prowess as well as open up new areas to explore

  • Distinct zones with new environments, characters, enemies, and hazards

  • Beautiful pixel art and original sound and music by Sono Sanctus

Thorium Entertainment 

Founded in 2015 by Derek Johnson, Thorium is the two person studio of Derek Johnson and Clint Tasker. We each have years of professional game development experience, but left our jobs to fulfill our passion for game development and express ourselves with more creative freedom. UnderMine is our first project as a team and represents not only our philosophy on how a game should be made, but incorporates our love for our favorite games and genres.



Derek Johnson
Founder and Engineer

Clint Tasker
Co-Founder and Designer

Albin Desboeufs