Ver 0.1.5

New Features

  • Beltrame, the Alchemist Apprentice will now sell Empty Bottles that the peasant can purchase

  • Empty Bottles expand the peasant’s potion slots which allow him to carry more than one potion at a time

  • The player can toggle the potion slot using left and right on the D-pad

  • If the player picks up a new potion with all slots filled, the currently equipped potion will be replaced by the new one

  • Added more death dialog in the post run screen

New Items

  • Doubling Saison Potion

  • Bomb Laxative Potion

  • Immolation Potion

Balance Changes

  • Berserker Brew now lasts 15s up from 10s

  • Bag O’ Bombs now supplies the peasant with 3 bombs, down from 4

  • All food heals for less, but drop more often

  • Bag O’ Bombs and Key Ring drop less often

Bug Fixes

  • Peasant no longer falls in a hole when entering an altar room from the south

  • Float potion no longer turns off float boots when its duration expires

  • Tunic upgrades are now correctly applied to new peasants

  • Wayland’s desk is no longer destructible

  • Will no longer see the same encounter twice on one floor

  • Rock health has been normalized and made consistent, fixing several small issues

  • Fire and Lightning crystals have been given tool tips in the journal

  • Fire and Lighting crystals now apply a buff for 60s where the peasant can ignite and chain lightning for the duration (they used to just make your next hit do that)

  • Alchemist can now throw potions on to her counter

  • Door reflections have been fixed

  • Locked doors will no longer be forced open by encounter managers

  • The larvae from Selt’s Egg should no longer get trapped behind doors

  • Echo Blast upgrade can now only be purchased once

  • Fixed some minor issues with pillars lowering and leaving the room early

  • Secret sparkle no longer stacks on itself when multiple explosions go off in a room

  • Enemies can no longer teleport, move to, or spawn behind doors

  • When a controller is unrecognized it will fall back to Xbox button display rather than show nothing or a string

  • Fixed a crash when the player returned to the dungeon entrance from Selt’s room

  • Locked potions will properly appear as recipes rather than blueprints

  • Bottled Pilfer, Charm Potion, and Impish Key Bomb have new icons

  • Can no longer break the bounds of the level with Skip Mechanism

  • The Master’s Key upgrade no longer appears on the title screen when a mushroom has been found

  • Secret passages can not be used until all enemies in a room are defeated

  • Changed the levels of some audio

  • Impish Key Bomb no longer occasionally fails

Clint Taskerpatch notes, december