Thorium is Derek Johnson and Clint Tasker. Two guys brought together by their passion for games. We each left professional game development jobs to pursue indie game dev, hoping to create a game on the same level as the ones we grew up loving. UnderMine for us is an opportunity to show the world what we are all about as developers, and a way to communicate directly with our audience.






Hi! I’m Derek, a software engineer from Vancouver, BC. I used to work at Relic and now am the original founder of Thorium. I have a dog named Dillon, who is named after Carl Weathers' character from Predator and has been pushing too many pencils.





Hey! I’m Clint, a game designer from Seattle, WA. I met Derek at Relic and now am the co-founder of Thorium. I’ve worked in AAA console, PC, and mobile development. Now I’m an indie. One day I’ll show Hideo Kojima my Foxhound tattoo, but not in a weird or creepy way.