UnderMine - Action-Adventure Roguelike
UnderMine - Action-Adventure Roguelike
Discover the secrets of the UnderMine, one peasant at a time

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UnderMine is an action-adventure, roguelike with a few RPGish elements tossed in. Delve into the UnderMine as a lowly peasant seeking fortune and freedom. Each journey promises challenge, discovery, riches, and untimely death. That's okay though, because your belongings will be passed on to the next peasant, who will hopefully do a little better.

Action-Adventure. Rogue-like. RPG.

How many genres can one game belong to? We would have preferred all of them, but you’ll just have to settle for most of them. UnderMine stirs a delicious pot of genre soup, taking only the highest quality ingredients from each. We took the procedurally generated madness of the craziest rogue-likes (Binding of Isaac, Dead Cells, etc.), combined that with the exploration and discovery of classic action-adventures (The Legend of Zelda, Hyper Light Drifter, etc.), and topped it off with some light RPG progression and story (Rogue Legacy.)




  • Dungeon Crawling: Forge that perfect run where you find all the right items, all the right secrets, and get all the right rolls to become a peasant god of destruction.

  • Discovery and Exploration: Bomb walls, blow up rocks, light torches, and discover secret passages, hidden characters, loot, upgrades, and more.

  • Character Progression: The peasants keep dying, but your upgrades pass on. Unlock new abilities that will help in combat and open up new areas to explore.

  • Bosses That Don’t Mess Around: Challenge enormous bosses that take a combination of upgrades and skill to take down.


Thorium is two guys brought together with a mutual passion for games. We each left professional game development jobs to pursue indie, hoping to create a game on the same level as the ones we grew up loving. UnderMine for us is an opportunity to show the world what we are all about as developers, and a way to communicate directly with our audience.






An engineer from Vancouver, BC. Derek is ex-Relic and the original founder of Thorium. He has a dog named Dillon, who is named after Carl Weathers' character from Predator and has been pushing too many pencils.





A game designer from Seattle, WA. Clint is ex-Relic, and ex-King. He's worked in everything from AAA console, to PC, to mobile development. Clint waits for his chance to show Hideo Kojima his Foxhound tattoo, but not in a weird way.