January Update


Happy 2019 Everyone!


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Hey all you pilfers! Welcome to the January developer update. The months keep melting away as UnderMine continues on in full-on content development mode.

System Unlocks / Cutscenes / Mini-boss Encounters

Part of January was developing the means to unlock a couple of the systems in UnderMine. The two we specifically were working on were Alchemy and Prayer. With Alchemy the player can craft new potions and buy permanent upgrades like potion slots. First though you must help the Alchemist’s Apprentice achieve her task, and only then will you unlock the Laboratory and access to the Alchemist.

Similarly, Prayer allows the player to pray at altars throughout the UnderMine. Prayers give the player one blessing and one curse. Blessings and curses are basically buffs and nerfs, so this gives the Player an opportunity to help customize their build, and pump up their preferred stats while taking some nerfs along the way. Hard decisions is the name of the game. Similar to the Alchemist, the player must unlock the Priestess in order to access the Prayer system. I won’t spoil the entire sequence, but let’s just say these chunky gargoyles are part of the process.

Upgrading to Unity 2018

On a technical front we bit the bullet and upgraded to Unity 2018. This brought some much needed bug fixes, but also a host of tools that are very helpful. The biggest being nested prefabs which let us create set pieces using our props that we can randomly distribute amongst the encounters.

We still need to dig into these more, but this will go a long way to break up some of the repetition in some of the encounter layouts.

UI Improvements

We have been slowly and steadily chipping away at our UI, especially our journal screen which lists all the pertinent information for your run and collections. Here is a preview of the item collection screen. It still needs some improvements, but it is getting there.

2019-02-01 11_06_22.png

It’s hard to pack everything we did this month into a single post. We also added a bunch of new items, new encounters, bug fixes, and a whole lot else. February isn’t going to slow down. In fact, we have a bunch of events coming up so expect many more updates.

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