Artist Needed!


Hey there! We are Thorium, a two person team creating the game UnderMine. UnderMine is an action-adventure roguelike that takes inspiration from games like The Binding of Isaac and Rogue Legacy. You control a peasant, and on each run of the game you must decide on using your gold to further that run, or returning to the hub with it and upgrading your characters for future runs. New characters can be found in the dungeons which will open up new upgrade opportunities as well as other features.

Thorium is the two person team of Derek Johnson, the company’s founder and programmer, and Clint Tasker, co-founder and designer. We’ve been working on UnderMine for 3 years and are nearly ready to ship the game into early access. But we need some help, particularly from an artist.

We’re looking for a talented pixel artist that can draw both environments and characters as well as animate them. We have a lot of ideas for the game, but preferably we find someone who can bring their own ideas to the table and inspire us as well. We’re very much looking for a collaboration, rather than a typical contractor situation. This is a full-time position and we require that UnderMine is your primary focus. Also, we have no office, so work from where ever you would like!

There is already a lot of content in UnderMine, so it is important that any artist we bring on can match the existing style. UnderMine is a fairly “HD” pixel art game. Our sprites are all created at 2x2 meaning a pixel in our game is 4 pixels at 1080.

If you like the style of the game, are passionate about bringing ideas to the table, and feel you have the technical ability to create content for UnderMine please submit your information using the form below.

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